SUFFIX is a Bangkok based creative design & development firm producing visual communication for online and offline media. Based on the vocabulary definition of 'suffix;' A morpheme added at the end of a word to form a derivative, our methodology purposes to establish a new characteristic to design by simplification and reconstruction of information.


    SUFFIX LAB is a group of people who do not like the way our planet has functioned too much, who believe that our capability is more than enough to improve the world bit by bit. We have our own style when we work. We are like a bit of creative agency, a bit of financial advisor with strong sense of a design firm.


    SUFFIX BYTE as derives its name from the fundamental workable unit in the digital world, focus mainly on leveraging creative technologies and a user centered design methodology which transforming emotional and ideas into aesthetic functional digital solutions for clients including rich interactive applications such as web site, web application, mobile application, social network integrating application and online campaign.

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