Design Direction


SUFFIX and Always On Studio were assigned from Channel 9 (MCOT), Thailand to create a new campaign for the year 2013 under the concept “Infinity Inspire”.

We remodeled the identity of MCOT into flexible innovative design that gives the opportunity to alter the logo without losing overall identity. The pigments represented small particular, which then assembled into the infinity symbol. As well as a variety of entertainment that combined and became Channel 9. The meaning inside the symbolic is countlessly inspired the audiences.

The characteristic of the identity is the key visual, generated and transformed by each festival.
It shows that even a small detail can be applied to identity and it can motivate the audiences.


Director : Jate Saitthiti
Designer : Jate Saitthiti, Sarunyakorn Khansongkhor
Moving Image Designer : Chaiyapat Plubsiri

  • MCOT 2013 Campaign “Infinity Inspired”

  • Identity Structure Combined The Infinity Shape and Design Elements

  • Design Elements for Infinity Inspired Campaign

  • The Daily Color for Brand Identity Color Palette

  • Brand Color Palette

  • Infinitely Inspired in 2 Languages: English and Thai Typeface: Silpawattanatum by SUPPERSTORE

  • Infinity Inspired Interlude

  • Under The Concept, We Create a Gimmick of The Special Day Based on Brand Identity Shape

  • The Special Day's Variety

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