The website was developed from well-defined Tipco’s target audience, which is women who concern about being healthy. Compared to their older version, the new design has more dynamic and easy to use. By embracing the new technologies, the website can be viewed on desktop,
tablet and phone browsers.


Director : Jate Saitthiti
Designer : Jate Saitthiti, Sarunyakorn Khansongkhor
Frontend Developer : Wipop Pantawangoon, Pasut Piyasut
Backend Developer : Pasut Piyasut


  • Main Section : Show Corporate News & Update and Preview Every Information in Website

  • Our History Section : Tipco History Information

  • Investor Relationship Section

  • Navigation Bar After Click Beverage

  • Health Tips Section

  • Mobile Website Navigation

  • Main Page on Mobile

  • Tipco Responsive Website Design

  • Custom Google Map Icon for Squeeze Branch

  • Health Tips Infographic

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