SUFFIX-mono is a contemporary monospaced geometrics type. 
The font was derived from the idea of creating a mono-weight stroke and a custom rounded terminal (mixing of curve and angle). This special font works well for both display and text. It also supports on-screen readability.



Director : Jate Saitthiti
Designer : Jate Saitthiti, Nisarat Wiriyametee

  • Type Structure : Uppercase and Lowercase

  • Monospaced Type Structure

  • Gimmick of SUFFIX-mono

  • Define of Monospaced

  • All Gyph

  • Specimen Font With a Concept "One Year"

  • Compared Website Anathomy And Human Anathomy With SUFFIX-mono Type

  • Crop a Shape of Type in Hardsale Wording “ 100% FREE”

  • SUFFIX-mono in Monospace Meaning

  • On-Screen Readabillity

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