Website, Corporate Identity, Design Direction


SUFFIX and ZOO Studio created a local online magazine about Electronic music / DJs / night life / street art & fashion. For the identity design, we thought about metronome (a device that produces regular, metrical ticks ) shape that conveys the meaning of TEMPO and neon color scheme (The first idea when people think about party).

The problem is the website contains very short contents and short news (5 news/day), enlarging all images is a good way to solve this problem. 


Director : Jate Saitthiti 
Designer : Jate Saitthiti, Titakhun Phongpijit
Frontend Developer : Wipop Pantawangoon
Backend Developer : Bopit Towaranonte

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  • Logo Identity Design

  • Logo Identity "Metronome"

  • Tempo Responsive Website

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