Corporate Identity, Design Direction


Since 2009, KEMF has been announced as Bangkok based underground electronic music party.
Jate Saitthiti is one of the KEMF Crew, including DJ Fubsy*b, Michie, Serge Carleton,
Thachapol Thongkatekaew and many more. Early this year, Serge Carelton passed away,
so KEMF Crew decided to bring KEMF back as a tribute to him.

About design direction, we combined cloud image with dimensional shapes into pattern
under the concept "Kloud Electronic Music Festival".


Designer : Jate Saitthiti

  • Design Concept : Cloud Images

  • Cropping Square Shapes of Cloud Images

  • Detail

  • Detail

  • Detail Structure

  • KEMF Identity

  • KEMF Leaflet

  • KEMF Poster

  • KEMF Poster

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