Geometric quote


"Work like a slave, Command like a king, Create like a god" a quote by Constantin Brâncuși, Romania's most famous sculptor. Those are three very powerful sayings and powerful enough to inspire our designer to create the first 'Suffix Lab Project' the experimental area where creativity spill over. The delicate yet strong quote has transformed into a poster series of geometric typography that mutated into particular decorative pattern.


Designer : Jate Saitthiti
Material : Oil Canvas,Latex Ink 

  • “Work like a slave.Command like a king create like a god.” by ConstantinBrâncuși

  • “Work” in Geometric Shape

  • “Slave” in Geometric Shape

  • “King” in Geometric Shape

  • “God” in Geometric Shape

  • The Quote is Pattern Format

  • The Quote on Various Background Colors

  • Line Structure

  • Printed Pattern

  • Printed Pattern in Details

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