Adana Villa Cha-Am

Website, Corporate Identity, Design Direction


Adana Villa is the place that built delicately in every detail and commitment to make this place
to stay privately. 

Focusing on the concept of homecoming, we emphasized on creating relaxed mood and tone.
To illustrate this concept, we used a clean layout, the visitors will get the idea how comfortable
and peaceful they will experience while staying at Adana.

The logo design idea ended up with something that based on the architecture style of building, it gives a sense of Thai contemporary combined with little bit of modernity.


Director : Jate Saitthiti
Designer : Jate Saitthiti, Nisarat Wiriyametee
Developer : Wipop Pantawangoon

  • Mark Structure

  • Mark Usage (Pattern)

  • Adana Villa Cha-Am Website

  • Adana Villa Cha-Am Concept

  • House Type Section

  • Location Section

  • Gallery Section Show The Ambient of Adana Villa

  • Map Section

  • Brand Identity on Application

  • Booklet Design

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